OSL Dublin Equipment Open Source Lab is a pilot project run by UCD School of Computer Science and Computer Services Research IT Group. Open Source Lab provides academics, students and open source enthusiasts with facilities for collaboration, project planning and development of open source software and helps them to solve the infrastructural and logistical problems associated with software project web presence, hosting, content management, backups, and source code control.Project's Mission - for University:

  • promote Irish know-how in software engineering and research
  • promote UCD as a leading educational organization in Europe and world
  • achieve higher quality of student experience

for School of Computer Science and Informatics:

  • offer more varieties of courses through collaboration
  • improve quality of graduates
  • better publicity

for Students:

  • higher quality of student experience
  • real-life, useful and traceable work in CV
  • possible monetary reward for work

for IT Services:

  • provide higher quality service at lower cost