In alphabetical order:

  • Ulrich Dangel
  • Senior Consultant
  • Debian developer and PHD Computer Science student in UCD. When not trying to convert other OSL members into using zsh and grml, Ulrich gives valuable insights into the world of free software, especially Debian and Python.
Alexander Nordlund
  • Alexander Nordlund
  • Not a PHP developer
  • Currently porting appscale to Debian.
  • Ken O'Brien
  • Senior System Administrator
  • Ken is a PhD student in UCD's Heterogeneous Computing Laboratory. His project is entitled "Green scientific programming: models, algorithms and tools for development of scientific applications optimized for both performance and power consumption". His interests include swimming and cycling.
  • Emmanuel Rieg
  • System Administrator / Developer
  • Emmanuel has MSc from France. He is a part of OSL while working as a researcher engineer at UCD Performance Engineering Lab.
  • Yerlan Turekeshov
  • Webmaster
  • Yerlan is a Computer Science student in UCD. He is keen on web development and creating web sites.
  • Alexander Ufimtsev
  • OSL Project Leader
  • Alex is a full-time developer and part-time lecturer for UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics. His interests include free and open source software, photography, and scuba diving.