Heterogeneous Computing Laboratory (HCL)

The Heterogeneous Computing Laboratory (HCL) aspires to be one of the world research leaders in the field of high performance heterogeneous computing. Our vision is to propose and develop innovative ideas, models, algorithms and tools aimed at efficient and reliable solution of most challenging scientific and engineering problems on widely available local and global networks of computers.


GForge is a Fusion Forge installation hosted by UCD Open Source Lab. It is home for more than 130 projects (both public & private) with participation of UCD research staff, as well as postgraduate and students.


OpenInkpot is a free and open-source Linux distribution for eBook reading devices, especially with e-Paper and other high-latency, bi-stable screens.

Agent Factory

The Agent Factory Framework is an open source collection of tools, platforms, and languages that support the development and deployment of multi-agent systems. The framework is broadly split into two parts: support for deploying agents on laptops, desktops, and servers; and support for deploying agents on constrained devices such as mobile phones and sensors.